Cllr David Billing on the camapign trail for Newby and Ramshill

Both by-elections in Ramshill and Newby, Scarborough are to be held this coming Thursday ,22nd of August and I’ve being doing my best going around ‘stirring up apathy’ in Ramshill. For most people that is the less posh part of South Cliff so in some areas you get a better class of poverty under the coalition government who are still performing miracles via Atos.

“Mr Lazarus you  did not attend your interview therefore you are deemed fit to work.”

Ian Duncan Smith makes Jesus look like a shirker in his success rate at getting the lame to walk, the dead are raised to life etc. Full details: Matthew 11.5 or DWP press releases! Apologies to those people who do not like the message of the New Testament mixed up with moral codes. More

Carl Maw for Newby


Carl Maw – Newby candidate

This was my first time out with the Newby team (organised by Vanda Inman )and the area was a big contrast from the Ramshill ward at the other end of Scarborough.  Much smaller houses and no multi occupancy at all.  (Such a relief – I had to spend lots of time trying to get into places divided into flats!)  Quite a lot of maintenance needed doing with dodgy pavements in several streets.  I got a lot of complaints about how long people had been waiting to get something done about them. More