Pay the real living wage

Dear Comrades,

Thanks to your financial contributions that have been coming in we will be able to launch a campaign next month regarding securing higher wages for the people of Scarborough, Whitby and the surrounding areas. Currently we are the low wage capital of Britain (our mean employee salary stands currently at £19,925, compared to £28,442 for Britain as a whole), and this is something we must and will change. Currently the Tories plan to change this through the magic of trickle down economics (a strategy that has been proven to be at best completely ineffective), rather than an industrial and educational strategy that will create the high paid and high skilled jobs for our constituency that we so desperately need.

For this campaign we will be campaigning with leaflets and on social media.

As well as distributing these leaflets and knocking on doors, the dates for your diaries are Saturday 4th November (12 noon outside the Brunswick Shopping Centre) where we will be holding a stall in order to collect signatures for a petition to put pressure on Scarborough Borough Council to pay all their staff the real living wage as well as making it a preferred criteria in the Council’s procurement process, so that they set an example of what we want all workers in Scarborough, Whitby and the surrounding areas to be paid. This will be followed on Monday 6th November with a demo outside the council offices, starting again at 12 noon. After this we will be handing out leaflets for distribution, so if you can help with that please get in touch.

We realise that not everyone is able to or would want to have a direct involvement with campaigning, but financial support is always needed. This will help us expand our campaigns and reach everyone in our constituency.

As little as a pound per month will make a big difference if all our local members contribute, so please give what you can! The best way to do this is to create a standing order to the following details:

Name: Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party
Sort code: 30-97-43
Account Number: 00426707

It is also possible to pay via the Labour website, just click on the link below and follow the instructions:

Alternatively you can send a cheque (made payable to Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party) to my home address (call me and ask).

Also, you can join the Labour Party 200 Club; for just £1 per number per month, you can be in with the chance of winning a cash prize (currently £30). The easiest way to pay is by standing order to the following details:

Name: Scarborough & Whitby Constituency Labour Party 200 Club
Sort code: 40-40-22
Account Number: 61343289

Don’t forget you can help us raise funds for free when you shop online by using easyfundraising. Simply join easyfundraising and then you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. Just visit the following web address on how to do this:

Scarborough & Whitby is now in the top 50 seats regarding how close we are to the Conservatives, and as we need to win about 60 seats at the next election for an overall majority, it’s vital we win in our constituency if we are going to have a Corbyn led government after the next election (whenever that maybe). This means we must continue to build on the momentum that we currently have.

If you wish to contact me for more information regarding financial matters or the 200 club, please feel free at: or on 07885 756605. Please let me know if you have set up a standing order for the 200 club.

In Solidarity,

Alex Shaw
S&W CLP Treasurer
Tel: 07885756605

First Labour Party surgery in Whitby for a while

Councillors Rob Barnett and Gerald Dennett are holding the first Labour Party council surgery in Whitby for over a decade. Residents of Whitby are welcome to come to the Tourist Information Centre on Saturday 27 June, between 10:00 am and noon to discuss their issues with the Council and its services.

We will be pleased to hear from anyone who lives in Whitby and District, not just the residents of the wards we represent (Mayfield and Streonshalh).

We are delighted in having a positive story about the Labour Party in the Whitby Gazette:

Scarborough Conservatives turn their back on democracy

scrutiny challenge
Today, Scarborough Borough Council appointed members to its various committees and partnership committees. Click here to view Labour Leader Steve Siddons’s speech. I shall not go into the details here, you can find those on the Council’s website. Suffice it to say that the Conservative group, which upped its representation in the recent elections by a single seat, decided to place its people in practically every position available. The Tories even thought it appropriate to select the member for Hertford, who lives nearly 30 miles from Whitby, over Whitby Labour Councillor Gerald Dennett to represent the council on the Esk Valley Railway Development Company. What is more, it has also decided to take the chairs and vice-chairs of every single scrutiny commmittee.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Sponsored by The RMT, Wales TUC, Unite, GMB, NASUWT, TUC, PCS UCATT & ACCORD
Townshend Productions presents
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Directed by Louise Townsend
From L-R Neil Gore and Richard Stone_PressStephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, May 8 at 7.45pm and May 9, 1.45pm and 7.45pm, 01723 370541 or
A new powerful two-handed version of the classic book by Robert Tressell. Townsend Productions have produced a gem of Edwardian humorous theatre with songs and music of the time.
This hugely successful production tells the story of a group of painter-decorators who are joined by artist Owen, whose spirited attacks on the dishonesty of Capitalism, along with his socialist vision, highlight exploitation in the workplace and inequality in society. Relevant still, this tale is told with vigour and passion.
**** “ …. tremendous…. delivered with brio, humour and some great songs” Times Review (Libby Purves)
“A strong and robust show that brings the characters, humour and inspirational ideas of this great book to life. It is needed now more than ever. You’ll leave the theatre and join the struggle!” – Ken Loach
10/10 ‘Sensational’ Liverpool Echo (Marc Waddington)
***** ‘…quite literally awesome ’ Love Owen Lewis


A special update on the horse meat scandal across Europe from Linda McAvan, Labour MEP

This weekend, the respected food manufacturer Findus was forced to take yet more meat products off supermarket shelves after tests revealed some of their products, including beef lasagne, contained up to 100% horse meat. More retailers are withdrawing their own products and the Food Standards Agency is conducting an enquiry into what went wrong. The only thing that seems clear already is that we need to urgently review how we manage our food supply chain right across Europe. More

President Obama’s election victory – what does it mean for Scarborough and Whitby?

Practically the only BBC news programme that did not send a journalist to the States to cover the presidential election must have been Look North. Many viewers must have been left dazed and shocked that Harry Gration was not seen reporting live outside some suburban polling station in Miami. Surely there was a Yorkshire tourist nearby who could have been roped in to pass judgement? And isn’t there a 14th cousin of Mitt Romney living in Barnsley? We should be told – we usually are. More

Could you be a Labour candidate for Europe?

Elections will take place for the European Parliament in June 2014 and this will be a major test for Labour not only in these elections, but also in the run up to the general election in 2015. It is essential that we have the best list of candidates possible to place before the electorate. To ensure the candidates within the English Regions, Scotland and Wales have the maximum time to campaign ahead of the election, we aim to complete the selections where possible by the middle of 2013.There will then be a ballot of all members in each European region to rank the selected candidates in order of preference.
You are invited to consider putting yourself forward as a potential candidate for these important elections. More

March through Scarborough organised by Trades Council

While 1000s marched through major cities across the UK on 20 October, the Scarborough and DistrictTrades Council, accompanied by Labour Party and Green Party members, held its own march through Scarborough’s Town Centre on Saturday to protest against the Coalition Government’s savage cuts that will mostly affect  the poor and the vulnerable in our society. More